Photo Gallery of Photos

Here are some images from over the years.

Our current official publicity photo.

Our old publicity photo, from years ago

Amplified noise violation, from playing in Bearhead Fishpark.

Kickin it with local TEE-VEE personality Dee Sarton at Bearhead Fishpark, circa 1999. They were shooting a meth 'documentary' in the scary alley next to Bearhead Fishpark, without asking us first. They made up for it by talking some publicity shots.

Before getting busted for amplified noise the third time, we used to provide free bowling with our experimental music. Here's Pat (now Glamorous Pat) setting up the pins.

A passerby rolling a ball.

Puking in a bucket. You call this a stage show? Yes, we do. (circa 1999)

They're drunk. They don't actually know each other.

Flyer for the show where the guy puked in the bucket.

Drunk, preaching the 'Evils of Alcohol' to a bar full of drunks.

The drinking contest.

Noisemaking .

Our first recording, circa 1989.

We wanted to record our Bearhead Fishpark show. We brought some reels of tape, but forgot the take-up reel. So we made one.

Ad for an album.

Christians didn't like us back in the early 90's.

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