Bonefish Sam and Orchestra Bio

Bonefish Sam & His Power Orchestra is a band of sound experimentalists, a fraternal organization, and a spooky cult. They're an ancient guild of soundsmiths and musicians, forging new alloys of noise and music, like alchemists that turn silicone and electrons into gold records.

But what does it sound like? That's a hard question. Maybe if King Tubby was playing background muzak for the upcoming Robot Apocalypse. Jazz made of noise, funky pop songs made from blips of old recordings. Glitches and bent circuits. Bad intentions and happy accidents. Real gas music from Jupiter. Ancient Krell music from the Forbidden Planet. Actually, it doesn't sound much like anything you've heard so far.

Since ancient times (the late 1980s), Bonefish Sam has been amazing and confusing Boise and the Northwest region, playing in some of the finest synagogues, dojos, Peruvian restaurants, basements, house parties, Shriners' temples, bomb shelters, and libraries in the Northwest.

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  1. caught a tune of yours on Radio Boise last weekend -- loved it! Made me wanna buy some pizza rolls :D